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Ring & Bangle Size Guides

Honestly the best way to find your ring size is to go and get it sized by a professional. Your local jewellers will be able to help you out. Make sure you size the finger that you plan to wear your ring on as all of your fingers are different sizes! Also - wide bands fit different... so if you want to get a ring with a wider band, try on a few for size.
I do sell multi sizers which come with instructions on how to determine what size you will be.
The ring should fit your finger comfortably, being snug enough that it wont fall off - but loose enough to slide over your knuckles without discomfort. Your finger size can change depending on the time of the day and the weather - heat making your fingers swell and the cold making them shrink. If you are tossing up between two sizes - always choose the larger one.
There are a few online tools you can download and print.. start with this website.
This is also the site I use to size my rings.. it has an awesome chart that you can use to convert between Australian & US sizes too..
For bangle sizes, this is the guide I use.
Please note that this is approximate only.